Well. This is the only way you'll ever get to understand what all the fuss was about.


Although Unwinese translates beautifully into the written word, there's really no beating hearing the man himself talk his talk so just click on the mp3 links below.


Just to start you off, here's a few clips and I'll be adding more over the next few weeks. Oh yes, and while I think about it: virtually all these clips must be copyrighted to someone or other so if  there's anyone who wants these taken down, or wants a good, sound acknowledgement, please just drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to do it.


Further Up The Creek

Stan puts in a brief appearance in this 1958 film as he unintentionally disorientates ship's Captain David Tomlinson. The first voice is the always excellent Michael Ripper as the railway station Ticket Collector, then Tomlinson, then Stan as the railway porter.


Meetit the Press - Elvis Presley

The first part of Stan's brilliant Press Q&A from Rotatey.



From 1962 a different take on the Rotatey track, this time with a jazz group backing.


Press For Time

Stan as Town Clerk Mr Nottage gives a speech marking the opening of the Keir Hardie Estate's 1000th Council house in the 1966 Norman Wisdom film.


Unwin's Guide to the Infernal Engine

A track from Side Two of Stan's second album The World of Stanley Unwin.


The Secret Service

A brilliant exchange with a copper from the pilot episode A Case For The Bishop.


Dr Who

Stan nominates his favourite Time Lord.


Think of England

In 1999, the BBC put together a whole host of activities right across the country called Think of England in an effort to explore 'Englishness'. Part of this festival involved commissioning Stanley to give his views on a wide range of subjects. Here are the results.


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